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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Bridge to Freedom

The Einserkanal marks the border of Austria and Hungary, 
the division between Europe's former "East and West".

Sunset over Hungary on the left bank of the Einserkanal

 A watchtower is preserved as a stark reminder of the 
infamous "Iron Curtain" of the Cold War

In 1956 Hungary was invaded by Russian troops and some 165,000 refugees 
crossed a footbridge into Austria where they received freedom 
and a welcome and became fully integrated
The original bridge was destroyed by the Russians to curtail the evacuation;
after the fall of communism this replica was built in its place as a memorial 
to those who perished in their bid for freedom

The covered bridge catches the final rays of the setting sun...

...when the rising mists of dusk gather along the Einserkanal.


  1. I remember this bridge. In fact I think there was a movie in which the bridge was part of the story... good photos again mate. The quality of the camera is very evident

  2. What a sad history. I love your pics, btw. Will you be visiting Welney this winter?

  3. Thanks for sharing the history. I appreciate that.