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Monday, 21 February 2011

Nigella's Kitchen

There is no doubt that domestic goddess Nigella Lawson is one of Britain's most popular television celebrity chefs. Personally, I have made a number of culinary choices under her influence.

Nigella Lawson slaving in her kitchen

I study her cookery programmes avidly, and have picked up a number of tips. I visited my favourite kitchen hardware shop (Dolings in Barrow-in-Furness) and asked for "one of those things that Nigella uses in her TV show". The kind manageress immediately found what I was looking for: it's called a mezzaluna . 

 Nigella shows off her... errm, her mezzaluna

Then a friend told me that in order for it to work properly, I needed a special mezzaluna board. This is like a normal chopping board, but has the centre chiselled out to make a depression corresponding to the radius of the mezzaluna. I searched in Amazon and was delighted to find that Nigella has created her very own board which I immediately bought, and it was delivered today.

My very own mezzaluna and mezzaluna board
direct from Nigella's kitchen (it says so on the box).
Now I shall cook like Nigella.

Nigella Lawson pours herself a drink...

...before taking a well-earned break
after slaving over a hot stove all day

(Pictures of Nigella Lawson in this post are from the internet)

There is a demonstration (not by Nigella) 
of how to use a mezzaluna in the clip below


  1. No wonder mine didn't work. I haven't got the right board.
    Couldn't understand much of what the blonde American was saying. Her board was wobbling a bit. She should put it on a damp dishclothe.

  2. Move over, Jamie Oliver! ;-)

  3. um... I cannot stand her at all mate. With her "self indulgent" "hi! I dont actually work for a living but my husband bought me a tv programme" attitude....

  4. I best she does a fabulous fish pie - but then who cares. (word veri 'vodess'

  5. I think she's fab! She puts the va va voom back into the kitchen. I was brought up on Delia, sensible food and high-necked blouses - dull! Enjoy your time with Nigella's kitchen equipment!x

  6. She certainly does have a certain something in the kitchen although I saw her massacre a mango once and can imagine her dealing with a small furry animal in the same way.

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