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Saturday, 25 December 2010

A Merry kayaking Christmas!

Christmas Eve in Cumbria was so fine and sunny I launched my kayak near Bootle on the west coast of Cumbria. With a light northerly and  gentle swell, launching from the stony beach was not difficult.

I paddled out to the pole mark you can see near the horizon 
and moored there for a while fishing. No luck though.

With the midday sunshine shining brightly it was almost warm! 
Black Combe has a snowy mantle.
Sorry about the wonky horizon, the boat was actually tossing around in the swell

On Christmas morning, some clouds had rolled in and the temperature was -10.5 C. I was on Coniston Water by 8.00am, with Venus still shining brightly!

Boats moored on Coniston Water emerge eerily from the dawn mist 
on Christmas morning

The sun rises behind the mountains and drives off the mist

 Like an explorer sailing towards the Pole, I eventually encounter the pack ice. 
Without a strengthened hull I was reluctant to penetrate the ice - 
I did not want to risk becoming a "Coniston Shackleton" 
and become ice-bound for the rest of the winter!
 The rising sun illuminates the slopes of the Old Man of Coniston

 With my fishing rod already iced up, and my toesies freezled, 
I pull ashore for my Christmas breakfast.

And I assure you there is something a little more appropriate 
than tea in the glog mug ;-)


  1. Some gorgeous photos, and I'm very interested in the contents of your glog mug.

  2. Thank you for these beautiful glimpses of your Cumbria on Christmas Eve and Day. I do hope the hot tea in your glog mug helped unfreezle your tosies! And are those mince pies and a sausage roll I see for breakfast? Yum!

    I heard on the news that Cumbria experienced a small earthquake....! Multiply it a bit and you will know what we in California sometimes feel.

    Best wishes to you for 2011.

  3. Wow....... what beautiful photos. I simply cannot imagine being brave enough to be out on a kayak when there is ice not far away- but the views you had were stunning!

  4. The sun rise is amazing... Very very beautiful!! Loved the pics...
    Wish you a very happy new year:)

  5. I loved the photos too and hope we meet up for more kayaking together in 2011. I'm off to Welney tomorrow to see the migratory birds. Have a very happy new year. x

  6. Happy new year mate- Such a contrast to Kinchega! It was 40c there, very humid, and mosquitos were in huge swarming balls. I have never seen anything like it.
    Your photos are really fantastic too. Its good to be familiar with the names of the mountains and the waters as well- I know where you are!

    happy new year and see you in about 14 weeks!

  7. forgot to ask- how stable is the kayak in a swell? Mine is not too good ( similar to Kens)

  8. Those sunrise shots are amazing! Happy New Year. My best to you & yours. :)