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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Outback Kinchega

After a day on the Southern Ocean, it was time to head back towards the centre of Australia and the outback.

The roads can be long, straight and deserted. 
It is not unusal to drive for 250 miles in a straight line 
without seeing another car!

In the harsh desert conditions of the Australian outback, 
Simon's  6-Cylinder factory-turbo Toyota Landcruiser 
is an appropriate vehicle for exploration

Our destination was the Kinchega National Park near Menindee...

...where our accommodation was the old sheep-shearers quarters 
of the former woolshed built in 1850
now preserved as a historic heritage site

This year the desert has come to life with fresh growth after recent rains

Flood waters from further north in Queensland drain into the River Darling 
that flows through the Kinchega National Park.

Lakes that have been dry for over a  decade are now brimming full 
as the River Darling flowed into the flood plain

The gum trees, now with wet roots, have lush new growth

I shall show more pictures of the Kinchega lakes 
and some of the wildlife in my next post


  1. Look forward to more photos.
    Those roads look as though they could be tedious to cycle on, but at least with no traffic they would be safe!

  2. Ah, the famous Outback. Would hate to be stranded there. Marvelous photos. Thanks.

  3. Fantastic sites!
    The road is as straight as I-95 from Washington DC to the Florida Keys, but drivers on that road can only dream about not seeing another car for miles on end. ;-)

  4. They are only as safe as the road trains will allow Lorenzo and at night the kangaroos jump out in front of the car. Wait until you see the dirt roads!

  5. Nice. Not much in the way of birds, there?

  6. That sounds like my kinda road!
    Great post Maalie - and beautiful pictures :D

  7. OOh I like that arty farty shot with the overhanging trees.

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