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Sunday, 17 April 2011


Our first foray into the Australian outback was four days camping in the Willandra National Park. The park is a former sheep station, that was famous for its wool. Now, the homestead and surrounding plains habitat are being restored to its original state and the biodiversity is recovering. Read more about the history of the Willandra National Park.

 Sunrise over a backwater of the Willandra Creek

The shearing sheds and buildings of the former sheep station 
are preserved for posterity in the Willandra National Park

Secluded billabongs are a haven for wildlife

The principal habitat under conservation are the grassy plains 
which stretch to the horizon

After a decade of drought, recent rains have brought 
life and colour back to the grasslands 

 With our two vehicles we set of for a safari 
around the Willandra National Park

The grasslands are a habitat for Emu and... 

Red Kangaroo

After the safari, David fishes for carp in a billabong...

...while Bonny and Simon set up a barbecue 
under the shade of a coolibah tree...

...watched over by inquisitive Gallahs

At the end of the day, a blazing sunset over the Willandra plains


  1. Spectacular sunset and sunrise! And every photos is just magnificent. Thanks for posting.

  2. Wow... beautiful pictures Maalie! Hmm.. A billabong, a coolibah tree - but no jumbucks or swagmen?

    It's good to be back Maalie - it's been too long!

  3. Thanks everyone. I'll try to keep the pictures coming. Will do the Sydney waterfront today.

  4. The first of your blogs that made me really envious

  5. Incredibly beautiful and fantastic pictures!

    Wonder if you'll find a cappuccino in Sydney. ;-)

  6. So beautiful.... glad you got to share it with Simon and his family. Tell him to stop teasing with the Paris photos on his blog though!!

  7. Brilliant photos Maalie! Are you SURE that is a coolibah tree? It looks more like a gum tree to me. (sorry I can't spell eucaliptis)