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Friday, 8 April 2011

Vanda Station, Antarctica

By popular demand, here are some more previously unpublished pictures of my work as Leader of Vanda Station, Antarctica, 1972/73. Please see the post below this for more details.

 Transport around the Dry Valleys of Victoria land is by helicopter

Ready to board a helicopter

Vanda Station flagpole

 Vanda Station's main hut was a JCB packing case
Laurie Cairns (surveyor); Jim Fowler (Station Leader 1973/73 Season)

Servicing the hydrology weir of the Onyx River, 
a river comprising glacial meltwater 
that flows only in the summer months

The tractor was vital for transporting ice from Lake Vanda  
to the station to melt for drinking water

Local trips around the Wright Valley 
were made in this vehicle we called a "Gnat"

 Is there a blizzard on the way?
Or maybe it is a photographer!


  1. you are one wild dude mate!

  2. I am sure you are still wearing that shirt!

  3. Do you know Badger, I was thinking the same thing!
    I carried that last photograph about with me to show my friends my handsome brother!